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Here’s what some prominent people in the creative and transformational business space have said about The Human Centered Brand:

“The Human Centered Brand is not your typical approach to branding. It’s designed specifically for heart-centered professionals and visionary souls who yearn to authentically show the world how exceptional and unique their work is.

Though branding has many moving parts, Nela clearly and thoroughly explains it all in a way that anyone can understand and use to elevate their creative business to the next level. The book balances theory, practice and examples with some fun visuals and personal stories that will teach, guide, and inspire you to create a truly original brand with your core values at the center.”

Jennifer Lee, Author of The Right-Brain Business Plan

“Nela Dunato has given us a valuable gift in this book. She unpacks why traditional approaches to branding feel too creepy to many creative and social impact oriented business owners. Then, she takes the reader step by step through a process that will help you land on a brand for your business that is resonate and effective with your ideal clients. The part I appreciated most about The Human Centered Brand is how granular Nela is in her suggestions – this book goes way beyond theory to practical strategies that I feel deeply aligned with and use similar practices with my own marketing clients.”

Paul Zelizer, Founder of Awarepreneurs and Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs

“What I love most about Nela’s approach is that it emphasizes the importance of discovering and embracing our strengths, weaknesses, and values to build a brand we feel truly in alignment with. We all have unique things to contribute. We all have a distinct way of seeing the world. We all have different qualities and ways that make us effective. Nela’s framework shows how to make those elements the linchpin of our brand.”

Natasha Vorompiova, Founder of SystemsRock Ltd

“With The Human Centered Brand, Nela takes the confusion and overwhelm out of creating a brand for your business.

This book goes far beyond font and colour choice. The Human Centered Brand is a comprehensive guide to constructing a brand for your business and ensuring that it reflects your values as a business owner.”

Devon Smiley, Negotiation Consultant

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