“A plethora of sensible advice and valuable insights”

The Human Centered Brand is a clearly and eloquently written book on branding that eschews empty phrases, buzzwords and rigid step by step rules for experience-based advice and simple but wise guidelines. There’s no handholding but rather the impression of setting off on a journey with a basic map annotated by an expert pathfinder both pointing out the difficult terrain (i.e. where they tumbled into a thorny bush) and teaching you to recognize it on your own (while also noting that thorny bushes are a valuable lesson in themselves). Dunato is genuinely interested in helping out, not making a quick buck.

Providing a plethora of sensible advice and valuable insights, the Human Centered Brand will surely be of use to both those just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey as well as those who’ve found themselves at a crossroads or in need of a new direction. My favorite thing about the book, however, is that there is much advice to be found between the pages that is applicable to other (creative) pursuits and areas of life as well.

While not a doorstopper the HBC nevertheless packs an equivalent punch, providing a masterclass for the price of a few cups of coffee (and if you ever get a chance to have one with the author and pick her brain, go for it).

Igor Rendić, Freelance Writer & Fiction Author

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