Canva Brand Style Guide template (and instructional video) now available!

The Human Centered Brand Style Guide Kit now includes a Canva template, in addition to the InDesign, PowerPoint, and Google Slides templates.

The 38-minute instructional video explains in detail how to customize the fonts and color palette in the document, and add your own logos and other graphics.

Canva brand style guide template preview

You’ll need a free Canva account in order to use the template. A trial of Canva Premium is helpful, because you’ll have additional features (your Brand Kit) that will speed up the process of customizing your style guide document.

Everyone who has already purchased The Human Centered Brand Style Guide Kit will find the new template and video in their Gumroad library. But if you run into any issues, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

This Canva brand style guide template was long overdue! When I first created the kit it wasn’t possible to share a template privately. And later when this feature became available, it was never a good time to record the video. Recently I taught a Canva workshop so this reminded me of needing to create this template, and so I finally did, 4 years after first publishing the book. Better late than never!

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