Book events – Autumn 2018 edition

Presentation of The Human Centered Brand at the Rijeka City Library Business Corner

I regularly speak at conferences and while some of these were booked irrespective of the book, it coincided with the paperback launch, so I had an opportunity to share a bit about the book to the audience during the 4 events that took place from September to November.

Digital Olympus

The first event was an international online conference in September called Digital Olympus. I gave a talk titled “Human Centered Branding: The Key to Marketing with Authenticity”. (Check out the slides here. Sadly the video recording was not made available.)

It was a short talk followed by a Q&A, and the best part is I didn’t have to leave my house to present it.

Rikon 2018

The second event was a sci-fi convention Rikon. I timed my local paperback release to coincide with it, because I knew many of my friends and colleagues who were interested in the book would be there. I gave a talk on the topic of Self-promotion for creatives, and participated in a panel on turning a hobby into a career with 4 other creative professionals from our community.

I didn’t have a booth, but I made a whole hoopla about the book on my social media, so whoever was following me knew where to find me if they wanted a copy.

Nela Dunato on a panel at Rikon convention

Panel on turning a creative hobby into a career with LARP game designer Miroslav Wranka, costume designer Tajana Stasni, fantasy writer Maya Starling, illustrator and game designer Sven Nemet, myself, and moderator Igor Rendic. Photo: Sabrina Baricevic

Lean In Osijek: Lean on Yourself

“Lean on Yourself” was a conference for women business owners, or women who plan to start a business. I lead a short 1-hour workshop in front of 170 attendees based on “The Human Centered Brand” framework. The organizers were very kind to print and bind the workbooks for all the attendees so they can follow along.

Nela Dunato speaking at Lean on Yourself conference in Osijek

Photo by Alen Večanin

The Human Centered Brand workbooks at the Lean on Yourself conference in Osijek

The Human Centered Brand workbooks. Photo by Alen Večanin

The event was great, and I had a wonderful time. I’d definitely do something like that again.

Book presentation event at the Rijeka Public Library

The central department of Rijeka Public Library has a “Business Corner” section where people can learn about starting a business, lend business books, and attend lectures on related topics. I gave a talk there last year, so as soon as I arranged for the paperbacks to be printed, I contacted the head of the department and told her about my new book, and expressed my desire to present it there.

I invited my friends and family, and my friends invited their friends, so there was a nice crowd with a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces, as well as some press that interviewed me for the local TV and web portal.

Presentation of The Human Centered Brand at the Rijeka City Library Business Corner

The host Kristian Benic and I talked about the whys and hows of creating this book, and then we discussed some of the topics of the book, and opened the floor to questions. After the official part, several people came by to chat and to buy the books. The remaining available books in the library also got checked out that day, so I’d say this event was very successful in attracting new readers.

If you can understand Croatian, here’s a short video of the event: