“Strong emphasis on ethical marketing”

So I am a freelancer and I have been struggling with branding myself. I got this book as a gift and it took me a while to read it because I thought, oh no, another book that won’t be helpful because those marketing and branding books always end up telling you to invest in ads.

But one day I said, let’s see what Nela is talking about and good boi was I surprised. The book is meticulously written and it talks about personal branding for regular, small businesses and people who are trying to position themselves on the market. Nela’s story, examples and advices are meant for regular Joes and Janes that don’t have corporations having their financial back. It is a perfect book for someone who wants to build their small business.

The book also has a strong emphasis on ethical marketing which I personally love because in my years working in marketing for myself and my client I have always struggled to find a good guide for doing ethical marketing.

I would recommend this book to anyone, being the small business owner, influencer, YouTuber, or just even a person that wants to put themselves out there.

Ana Miljanić, Writer

This review has been originally published on GoodReads.

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